Our Products

We use only responsibly sourced ingredients for our buns. Top quality flour and natural butter are our key ingredients. Our colorful buns range is flavored and colored only in natural way.

Blueberry bun

Blueberry Bun

Spinach bun

Spinach Bun

Pumpkin bun

Pumpkin Bun

Black bun

Black Bun

Classical bun

Butter Bun

Onion bun

Onion Bun

Tomato bun

Tomato Bun

Red bun

Red Bun

Our story

The history of our love for fresh bread and pastries started more than
30 years ago, having found its embodiment in burger buns. First classical buns were offered to our Slovak clients in 2012. In 2016, we offered our customers a line of color buns with different flavors, and then, in 2017 we entered the international market. We are confident that our experience and love of baking will help us to continue our history.