About us

Our passion

We are proud of our more than 30 years experience in baking.
It’s our main passion.

Skills achieved during this time allow us to make a product that makes our customer hamburgers famous. We are concentrated on producing only one product, burger bans and know how to bake a good bun which makes a basis of every hamburger. Our constant desire is always to do our best. We will be happy to work with you on your hamburger project. Feel free to contact us.


All our burger bans are handmade by our skilled bakers. We bake fresh bans each day and be sure that we always use only the best ingredients.


Our aim is to provide the highest level of service to our customers. Our drivers make regular delivery. Our client care team is ready to help you seven days a week. You can trust us and be certain that you will always receive your order. We are also always ready to create an exclusive burger bun for you

Quality is our priority

We are not trying to save on ingredients. We use only responsibly sourced ingredients for our buns. Top quality flour and natural butter are our key ingredients. Our colorful buns range is flavored and colored only in natural way.


We will be glad to send you our actual price list in return mail if you send us a request

Our current delivery map covers West Slovakia and Burgenland, Niederösterreich and Vienna in Austria. However we are interested in collaboration in other regions as well, so if your business is located in another region, but you are interested in our buns, please let us know and we will do everything to find a solution.

No we don’t, we make fresh buns every day. However, some of our clients freeze our buns and they are satisfied with the results.

They have better structure in comparison to buns baked in molds and due to this structure they don’t absorb sauce or meat juices, which is very important in burgers making.

This amount of butter allows to taste great after being fried on the grill and gives more intense flavor.

Každý pracovný deň pečieme čerstvé žemle. Hlbokozmrazený predpečený polotovar v sortimente nemáme. V prípade záujmu máme k dispozícii šokovo mrazené žemle.

Yes, you can. We have a lot of clients with exclusive orders.

You will feel the taste and flavor of mustard or wasabi, but they are not spicy as the taste of the bun can’t be more intense than the taste of meat and dressing.

We use only natural colours, spinach juice, tomatoes sauce, wasabi and blueberry juice.

Our buns taste great up to 5 days being stored in plastic bags in fridge.

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